Christopher Kim

Hey there!


Thanks for coming here to get to know me better 😄, I’m Christopher a user experience and interface designer (UX/UI) based in New York. Previously I have worked as a technical product manager, for a recruiting software and mobile gaming company. It was through my job that inspired me to make a career change into UX/UI. However, if I were to summarize the reason why I want to be a UX/UI Designer, is because: 

  1. The impact that it makes on a person’s life and the business

  2. Understanding humans and their behavior are fascinating.

Fun Fact #1


I really like playing games and being able to tell a story from the games I played. As shown below, “Among Us” has been a popular game amongst my friends, therefore I designed a personalized gift card for them.

Fun Fact #2

I have promised a game and a game you shall receive. 🎮 This game has helped me through the harsh times with the internet being disconnected countless times in the past. With every loss, there is an opportunity, and when there is a loss of the internet, I see it as an opportunity to play this game. 

I have provided the instruction below on how to play the game and feel free to email me your highest score at 😊

Thanks for making it to the end!


Oh look here is another game, you have a chance to destroy this page with your very own rocket ship! Click below to start and look further down for instructions. 


(Please note, you must be on a computer to play)

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