Christopher Kim

Tuk Tuk Sleeping App

The Tuk Tuk Sleeping app is a mobile application that monitors your sleeping behavior and then later diagnosis you whether you had enough sleep or not


People should want to have a healthy mind and body and get enough sleep.

Nearly 40% of the United States population gets less than the recommended 7 – 9 hours sleep per night. According to Business Insider, you realize that adults who do get enough sleep perform better on short-term memory tests


I decided that I was going to create a mobile app that is going to monitor your sleep and allowing the user to write a sleep log each morning. The app will provide each user a diagnosis about how they have slept. It can help users know more about the reason on why they are having a bad nights rest.

Below the app has been created utilizing Adobe XD


My role in this project was the product manager and designer. I

UX/UI designer for this project. Also, I was the front-end developer for this project, where I was responsible for creating the front-end utilizing React Native and connecting to several API

Christopher Kim

Product Manager/Designer/Developer