Christopher Kim


YummiCity is an app that makes grocery shopping easier by allowing users to pickup or get their groceries delivered from their nearby supermarkets.


After interviewing with 200+ customers and 10+ small and medium sized local supermarkets. We find that most people prefer those small
and medium sized local grocery stores in the neighborhood that can offer uniqueness and freshness instead of those big supermarkets like Costco. However, most of them don’t really like grocery shopping, they think it’s time-consuming, repetitive, and they have problem locating those groceries that they need in a new supermarket. Some of them start to order groceries online. 


With our app YummiCity, it’s now possible for people to support and get groceries from those local supermarkets that are dying out without actually going to those stores. In the long run, we want to provide better service to those small and medium sized local supermarkets so that they can compete with companies like Costco or Seamless.


The app has two main users, the customer and the employee. Below are two prototypes created in Adobe XD that shows the experience of for both stakeholders

Customer View

Employee View

Market Opportunity

$ B

Total grocery store sales
Total available market
$ B

62.5 % sales by conventional supermarkets
Serviceable market
$ B

6.06% in New York
Initial target market


Delivery fee

pickup fee

$4.99 – 1 Hour

$2.99 – 2 Hour

$0.99 per pickup