Christopher Kim


Tuk Tuk Sleeping App

Tuk Tuk is a sleeping app that monitors your sleep and give you a very accurate diagnosis about your sleeping condition 

Foody Call

Foody Call is a mobile app that was created with React Native to make it easier for indecisive users or groups to decide on where to eat while providing restaurants with monthly analytics of their customers experience


YummiCity helped make shopping in your local neighborhood supermarket more accessible

Watson Immigration Help (WiHelp)

WiHelp roots from the idea on how the state government can improve its services to create the largest impact on local communities. 

Chalets and Caviar

Chalets and Caviar is a real estate website project, where my client was a real estate agent and I had to work on creating a dynamic website and documentation

Brooklyn Film Festival

Brooklyn Film Festival is a website that has been created by utilizing HTML, CSS JavaScript, jQuery, and Bootstrap framework. It’s mission to promote an event that shows films that can appeal to audiences of all ages in the Brooklyn Bridge Park

Donor Mate

Donor Mate is a mobile app to help make it more accessible for blood donor. This app has won 2nd place for the Priceline Hackathon.